The Top Five Web Design Programs

Any web designer should be familiar with these top five web design programs. These programs will allow you to increase your efficiency, and design websites that provide your end-users with a better experience.

5. Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks is a program that is part of the adobe series specifically intended for web designers. While Photoshop may be able to edit images, this program will be able to provide a graphical interface in order to make designing any webpage easy and simple. One of the features that it is most noted for his ability to slice images into HTML/CSS files, which allow you to quickly develop websites. While it is not the most popular of design program, it is still a formidable option when you are trying to create rich graphical websites with many images.

4. Dreamweaver

Another popular web design tool is Adobe Dreamweaver. It is also part of the adobe series, just like Adobe Fireworks. This is a tool that is with many features, that allow you to rapidly develop websites, and upload to them quickly. It’s extremely smart when it comes to highlighting code, showing the live view of your code, and quickly uploading via its own FTP client. With great about this program is that it integrates very well with other Adobe programs.

3. Pandic Coda

Panic Coda is a free program that is intended for use with the Mac OS X operating system. It has many tools built into one, such as an FTP client, simple HTML and CSS editors, and powerful code highlight. This tool features a simple interface, which is good for any new designer that may be unfamiliar with more advanced code.

2. Photoshop

This multi-platform commercial graphics editor is one of the most widely known ethics editors there is available on the market today. This tool can be used in tangent with other Adobe tools, such as Dreamweaver and fireworks, in order to quickly create and change images for use on the web. More advanced designers use Photoshop to create backgrounds, buttons, and graphics for use on the web.

1. Firebug

If your web designer, you’re probably most concerned about cross browser compatibility, which means making sure that your website is compatible with all major browsers, and even with visitors using older browsers. Firebug is a Firefox plug-in that allows you to make changes to your website while it is live, before actually uploading them. This saves you plenty of time because you don’t have to switch between your browser and web developing software in order to see changes.